Data Science Predictive Application for Country Instability (DSAPCI)

This project explores the follow-up model of the Analyzing Complex Threats and Opera- tions Readiness (ACTOR) model employed by the United States government. The ACTOR model aggregates data on 12 factors from 159 countries over the period 1975-1999 to predict the level of instability a country will experience. The new modeling system is known as the Integrated Crisis Early Warning System (ICEWS) and incorporates the same background as the previous model, but with a few updates and a public database. This project used that database to explore the importance of data visualization in predictive modeling. Building o↵ of data from the ICEWS database, an interactive website was created to fill the gap between non-technical and technical people alike. By allowing the data visualizations to be customized, users are allowed to explore the data and build a report out of their findings.
website, predictive, data, science, development