Cyrus in Cyprus: Cyrus Vance and crisis management in the Cyprus crisis of 1967

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Rummell, Nicholas Lee
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As the situation in Cyprus became volatile near the end of 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson sent Cyrus R. Vance as his personal envoy to broker a peace between Greece and Turkey, and prevent a possible war between the NATO allies. Vance's Mission, while very important at the time, has been often overlooked by scholars, and by creating a synthesized narrative of what occurred, Vance's procedures and techniques can be examined to show the impact of his mission on the area and why he was successful. By examining and compiling notes and documents from Vance's personal archives at Yale University, State Department Archives, and United Nations Archives, a thoroughly detailed narrative of what Vance faced and accomplished is compiled. This narrative can be used to gain a better understanding of the Cyprus situation itself, and also can be used to examine the life and work of Cyrus Vance at a deeper level. Finally, this narrative provides a formula for future diplomats and international negotiators to preserve peace and prevent war while handling a volatile crisis situation.
History; Diplomacy; Vance, Cyrus R.; Cyprus; Cyprus--History--Cyprus Crisis, 1963