People of the Book: Perceptions of Religion during the Arab Conquest of Syria

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Smith, Nicholas F.
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During the seventh century A.D. what is now known as the Arab Conquests took place in Syria and other regions of the Middle East and North Africa. Invading Muslims encountered other peoples and cultures, much different than their own. In Syria, the Muslims came into contact with the Byzantine Empire. Within this region of the Empire was a population weary of war from previous conflicts, and engulfed in their own social conflicts. This atmosphere helped create he conditions for victory that the Arabs needed to expand the borders of the Caliphate. The following work examines the role of inter-faith perceptions that both Muslims and Byzantine Christians had toward each other during the conquest, and how it aided or hindered the eventual Arabization and Islamization of this region once it became part of a growing Arab empire.
Islamic Empire -- Relations -- Byzantine Empire; Islamic Empire -- History; Byzantine Empire -- History; Syria -- History