Environmental Influences on Tropical Stream Fish, El Imposible National Park, El Salvador

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Haywood, Kenneth Paul III.
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Human influence on the natural environment has resulted in habitat loss and degradation of tropical freshwater ecosystems. The ichthyofauna that inhabit these streams have become the most threatened class of vertebrates worldwide, urging research on the assemblages of these species to provide information on their ecology for future rehabilitation and recovery efforts. Despite the threats that are faced by these species, much of the tropical fish diversity remains unknown due to inadequate study. The objective of this project was to investigate the fish species of terra firma streams in El Imposible National Park, and determine the factors that exert the highest influence on the fish. The collected information may be used in future studies, and in conservation and recovery programs. A total of six species were identified from the study area. ANOVA and linear regression analysis revealed a significant relationship between habitat and species richness and diversity. For one prolific species, Profundulus guatemalensis, which ranges between Mexico and Nicaragua, I analyzed average total length as a fitness indicator, revealing potential factors that explain its apparent local abundance.
Fishes -- Effect of human beings on -- El Salvador -- Parque Nacional El Imposible; Parque Nacional El Imposible (El Salvador)