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Baker, Matthew James
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This is a collection of linked flash fiction. The stories follow multiple perspectives over the course of a single day, which is Graduation Day at Smythe High School. We primarily witness the day through the lens of eight graduating seniors: valedictorian Peter, girl-next-door and bookworm Michelle, gamer geek Jack, sensitive aspiring playwright Eddie, online vlogger Arlinn, cocky jokester Nathan, and high school sweethearts Trish and Cameron. Each of these teenagers, about to officially enter into the world of adulthood, faces different problems throughout the day. For example, Peter frets about his upcoming speech he is to give at the ceremony, while Trish and Cameron contemplate whether their relationship will survive past high school. Throughout, we also see perspective from the students’ parents, school administrators, and fellow students. Sometimes, the characters see the same event in different ways. Sometimes they allow us the opportunity to re-assess our judgments on a particular person. They ultimately all come together to create a tapestry of the everyday, a look at the problems and conflicts facing the different generations, and ultimately the examination of a question constantly recurring throughout life: what am I going to do now?