Early Twentieth Century Transportation Technology and the Creation of Modern American Culture

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Puricelli, Frank T.
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This thesis will argue that the development of personal land transportation, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, greatly influenced American culture and created the foundation for the modern consumerist world we live in today. The period between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was an incredible time in American history full of new inventions, possibilities and dreams for the upcoming century. The world itself seemed to grow smaller, due mainly to technological advancements in transportation and communication. At the forefront of this revolution in personal transportation, were the bicycle, motorcycle and automobile. Beginning with the invention of the bicycle and ending with the popularization of the automobile, American society permanently transformed because of the dependency on these new transportation technologies. By meeting the needs of the general public, producers of such advancements, unknowing laid the foundation for the modern consumerist age. Without transportation technology leading this revolution, the world as we know it could be very different.
Transportation -- United States -- History; Consumers -- United States -- History