Influence of the Depiction of Video Game Female Warrior Figures and the Effect On Video Game Play and Enjoyment as well as Attitudes Toward Women

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Hogston, Robert Clayton
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Video games are incredibly widespread. According to some statistics, 41% of homes now possess a video game console of some type. With such a large audience playing video games and consuming the images and ideals associated with them, some effect would have to be seen on the population that play these games the most. This population is mainly made up of children, teenagers, and young adults. These individuals are consuming on a near daily basis images of violence, sexuality, and aggression that are not always accurate to reality. In particular, female characters are most like to exhibit a mix of sexuality and aggression in these video games. More often than not, women are portrayed as idealized sexual beings while also being aggressors or as the object of aggression. This juxtaposition leads to the conclusion that video games could have a negative effect on the beliefs and attitudes surrounding violence against women as well as both hostile and benevolent sexism.
video games, sexism, objectification, violence, women