The Ontogeny and Dentition of the Naked Goby <i>Gobiosoma bosc</i>

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Dossaji, Tasneem Abid
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This study’s primary focus is to correlate the shift in diet to the possible shift in the physical dental characteristics in the naked goby Gobiosoma bosc (n=30). A method of clearing and staining was used in order to observe the ontogeny and dentition of the samples. They number and size of teeth relative to body size was observed. Research found that there is a positive correlation between body size (measured in standard length) and premaxilary tooth number (R2= 0.60). There was a slight positive correlation between the standard length and dentary tooth number count, but not nearly as strong (R2= .34). The premaxilary tooth length and dentary tooth length has a positive regressions with body size (R2= .68 and R2= .58 respectively). It can be seen that there is a discrepancy between the development in premaxilary and dentary teeth and that there is more significant change in comparison to body size in the premaxilla part of the jaw.
premaxilla, dentary ontogeny dentition standard length Gobiidae