Canine Periodontal Disease Treatment and Prevention

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Wigley, Jessica L
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The objective of this study is to determine which oral health care products should be recommended for effective at-home treatment and prevention of canine periodontal disease. Six canine oral health products were compared on canine patients of East Cooper Animal Hospital over a 6-week period. Initial and final dental indices of plaque, tartar, gingival severity, and periodontal diseased teeth were determined and compared to determine effectiveness. Tooth brushing showed the most benefits in preventing periodontal infection by reducing plaque build-up, tartar accumulation, and gingival redness. Furthermore, all owners that completed the survey followed instructions given by their veterinarians. By understanding owner limitations and clearly explaining the risks of periodontal disease, veterinarians can play a significant role in maintaining a dog’s oral health, and could influence whether or not a dog develops dental disease during its lifetime. Additionally, systemic disease development can be prevented with maintenance of good canine oral hygiene on behalf of the veterinarian and the owner.
canine, veterinary medicine, periodontal disease, prevention, treatment