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  • Chairwork 

    Lowder, Josh
    This is a poetry collection by Josh Lowder that represents the culmination of work he performed toward the Masters of Fine Arts degree at The Graduate School of the University of Charleston, South Carolina at the College ...
  • What After Grows 

    McCullough, Catherine
    As its title suggests, <i>What After Grows</i> is a collection of poetry concerned with time and how we respond to the internal and external transformations that accompany the passage of time. In these poems, time is at ...

    Becker, Bradley
    <i>Together as One: Stories of Youth</i> is a collection of works covering the beginnings of a novel, multiple short stories, and flash fiction. It is designed to showcase the author’s knowledge of craft elements in the ...
  • "An Interesting But Blighted Area": The Ansonborough Rehabilitation Project in the Postwar Preservation Movement 

    Hollinshead, Ashley
    Historic preservation is synonymous with Charleston’s twentieth century history. Yet, most scholars focus on the preservation efforts from the interwar preservation movement, completely ignoring the postwar preservation ...
  • Graduation 

    Baker, Matthew James
    This is a collection of linked flash fiction. The stories follow multiple perspectives over the course of a single day, which is Graduation Day at Smythe High School. We primarily witness the day through the lens of eight ...

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